Coaching at Crescent

Coaching at Crescent is lead by Extreme Tennis Coaching, and there head coach Ernie Wellhauson. 

At Extreme Tennis Coaching Ernie believes everyone has the ability to become a great sportsperson.

Its not just about ability… its about belief.

His belief in you, and more importantly, your belief in yourself.

We can show you technique & style, guide you through gameplay and much more, but confidence and self belief is something that can only be found with hard work and dedication.

Extreme Tennis coaches take time to really understand what makes you tick, what motivates you, and how to ignite that spark of brilliance that is buried deep inside of you.

We won’t lie, it’s NOT easy, you WILL have terrible days, but we PROMISE YOU… if you invest the time, it will change your life.

So… are you ready for the challenge?

Call us to book a taster tennis lesson, come watch a training session, or better yet… chat to the students or coaches at one of our fantastic tennis venues in Sidcup Kent.

If you have any questions or queries please get in contact with the coaching team using the details below.

T: 07341 841831



A: Crescent Lawn Tennis Club,
Sydney Road,
Sidcup, Kent,
DA14 6RA